About Us

Jonathan and Bernard Rosenson
FIRST & OAK, at the Mirabelle Inn is situated in Solvang’s exceptional wine country region also known as the Santa Ynez Valley (Los Olivos District, AVA).

The Mirabelle Inn restaurant was established in 1993. The restaurant and boutique hotel were acquired in July of 2015 by Bernard and Jonathan Rosenson, a father and son team specializing in hospitality that currently own the Coquelicot Estate Vineyard located in Solvang. The vision is to create a truly localized restaurant that specializes in local, fresh produce and products from Santa Barbara.

Our Chef

Executive Chef, Steven Snook
Since graduating culinary school in his native England, Chef Snook has worked continuously in Michelin Star restaurants, including six years with esteemed British chef Gordon Ramsay. His journey began in the small Reads Restaurant in Kent in 2002, where eighty percent of the produce for the menu was sourced from their working gardens, which Chef Snook was responsible for collecting daily. It was here that he learned the basics of foraging for fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. In 2004, he placed third out of 1,700 participants from across the U.K. in the Young Chef of the Year competition and achieved a gold award from the Academy of Culinary Arts.

In 2006, Chef Snook landed a post with Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, a luxury hotel in London, England, where during his two-year tenure he assisted Ramsay with the filming of the fourth season of the BBC’s F Word, (designing the kitchen and creating and testing recipes). In 2008, Chef Snook was transferred to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, the group’s flagship location, and longest-standing three Michelin Star restaurant in London where he served as Sous Chef.
2009 brought Chef Snook stateside to create dishes for the fast-paced, urban kitchen of Maze by Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel in New York City. In 2011, Chef Snook relocated to the West coast, accepting the Executive Chef position at Kenwood Inn and Spa. Following the three years as Executive Chef at Kenwood, Chef Snook became the Executive Chef at Salish Lodge & Spa.

From his early days cooking with his grandmother and helping in her garden in the English countryside, to his position with the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Group, and now at First & Oak, Chef Snook has insisted on using the highest possible quality ingredients in his cuisine, and prides himself on maintaining a close relationship with his purveyors.

This connection to local artisan food growers, wine makers, and producers brings Chef Snook back to his roots and serves him well at First & Oak, where an abundance of fresh ingredients are available at his fingertips. The Santa Ynez Valley’s bounty from local growers, farmers and purveyors fulfills his inspiration to create a unique and exciting cuisine from fresh, seasonal ingredients.