First & Oak Reviews

Eddie H.
Eddie H.
First and foremost, everything we had here was delicious. Service was outstanding. Definitely will come again.

The potatoes were so good. A must as an appetizer. The tomatoes were great as well. The scallops were delicious and the tenderloin was cooked perfectly.

Some reviews mention dress code I saw that most people were dressed very casual. I saw T-shirts' and sandals on some People. Just come and enjoy the wonderful food.
Aaron F.
Aaron F.
First let me say the food is delicious and perfectly crafted. Each plate was incredible and if this review was based on taste alone, they'd get five stars.

The service was completely sub-par, which ruined the whole experience.

First we were planning on the prix fixe. When arriving we were told they needed to know in advance because each dish took long to prepare. Having booked online, that was unclear. Undaunted, we shrugged it off and ordered many of the items on the prix fixe menu, individually.

It took 15 minutes for the wine to arrive. 30 for the oyster appetizer. After 60 minutes the salad arrived, and at 90 minutes our entree. All and all our dinner took over two hours – leaving us both wondering why the weirdness over the prix fixe?

The place is also below a cute bed and breakfast, which wasn't a big deal until one of the room window AC units kicked on like a hairdryer.

So I guess all that to say, First and Oak is a mixed bag. If you're looking for epic food at a snails pace. You won't be disappointed. If you're looking for a romantic evening with your boo – maybe pass this one up?
Glydia C.
Glydia C.
We arrived at 6:10 for our 6:30 reservation. We were told that we would be seated in 10 minutes, so we sat in the reception area. We were not seated until 6:28. The table was empty the entire time. I have no idea why we had to wait in the lobby area. Unfortunately, this set the tone for our dinner.

We were seated outside, which was fine but the chairs are like spiders nests. There are definitely webs in those, so beware.

Kimchi cracklings, heirloom tomato, brussels sprouts, wild diver scallops, chocolate and honey were all just okay. Server was good, I was expecting much less.
Doriee L.
Doriee L.
Came here last month to have dinner with my husband and puppers during our vacation. Yes! They are dog friendly and have outdoor seating! We made reservations online for dinner at 5:30PM! We were seated right away and each table has a heater nearby so you can stay warm. The outdoors area is super charming and cute too.

We decided to share several dishes:

Homemade bread – This came with avocado butter! The bread was really delicious and done quite well. Though I'm not sure if we'd order this again. While delicious — it's not super special.

Butternut squash bisque – Yummy and light. When I think of bisque, I think of something creamy and heavy but this is not the case! Slightly sweet with savory tones. It also had a butternut squash ravioli at the bottom! What a nice surprise!

Chopped baby gem – This was light and super delicious! It had pieces of pistachio and herbs on them, which made it nutty and aromatic. This was super refreshing! Definitely order this!

Wild diver scallops – Hand made linguini, cilantro, and soy veoute. This is a must order! The flavors were excellent and the savoriness/umaminess to this is outstanding! The scallops were cooked perfect! Texture was perfect! The "linguini" was more like fettuccini and overcooked. I think it would have been more amazing if it was al dente. Regardless, super delicious! Definitely a must order!  

Prices are reasonable for the quality, ambience, and service. The service was fantastic! I would not hesitate to come back! Such yummy food!
Gary I.
Gary I.
First & Oak is in the charming Mirabelle Inn. Outdoor sidewalk dining during the Pandemic in a quiet side street in the fantasy Danish Town of Solvang. 

Devon was our friendly, warm, hospitable waitress who made our stay comfortable and enhanced our culinary experience.

1) Confit Potatoes are like small new potatoes fried in light cooking oil until they are firmer yet become creamy as you chew. Almost whipped airy Crème Fraîche/fermented cream to dip the potato. Grated Manchego cheese & diced green onions add a slight dairy Umami & sulfur based funk.

I would have sprinkled some Pico de Gallo chile powder to add an earthy piquancy to awaken some of the earthy flavour of the potato.

2) Heirloom Tomatoes at their summer peak, sun ripened on the vine for more sweetness and deeper tomato acidic fruitiness & fragrance. Topped with roasted white sesame seeds for toasty nuttiness in a agrodolce/sweet sourness.

3) Duck Breast thickly sliced, bit more than medium rare showing a beautiful pink sunset in the center against the outer brown meat. 

Three layered: Center is meaty with a gaminess. There is a layer that releases tasty fat, and the skin adds a chewy, rich fattiness. Nice salting makes the entire breast release more tasty duck gamey Umami.

Small baby carrots roasted in what may be chicken bouillon, buttered and covered with finely chopped sweet, green herbal Italian parsley. 

Smear of puréed sweet celery root. Couldn't dicern the Chermoula which is a north African spice blend principaly featuring cumin.

4) Tête de Moine/head of monk: Originally made by monks of Bellelay around 12th Century in the Jura French speaking section of Switzerland. Semi hard, unpasteurized cow milk, made only by 10 cheese dairies.

The cheese is shaved to form thin ribbons in the shape of rosettes to increase the surface area for more oxygen exposure to release higher levels of fermented, barnyard, ammonia, mothball scents.

Accompaniments are cabbage like cooked cauliflower purée, sweet plumped raisins, toasted crunchy Marcona almonds, thin, crunchy toasted mini baguette slices. The Sea Smoke Pinot Noir forced the funky cheese to explode in the mouth.

1-4a) Gracious Super Yelper Isobel L. brought a local Sea Smoke Pinot Noir that paired excellently to the entire meal. Deep garnet colors more common in Rhône wines.

Notes of blackberries, currants, touch blueberry, slight earthy forest, bit of diesel. Very juicy, fruity with high alcohol "heat". There is a hint of hot growing temperatures at play.

5) Seasonal Dessert: Intense Blood Orange Confit on top of the tart filled with pudding-like Vanilla Crème Patisserie. Sweet strawberries and juicy black berries.

5a) Demitasse of Espresso, rich, mellow, bitter, roasted subtle smokiness.

Languorous summer heatwave night with crickets happily chirping rhythmically to the beat of approaching autumn little knowing that the end of the pleasant estival days will soon be over. 4+ stars

PS  Can't upload photos easily since Yelp no longer allows me to access my Google Photos app.
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S.
Came here on my birthday for dinner last week, while in Solvang. Cutest little restaurant in a 13 room hotel, which makes you feel like you are in Europe!

The service is great and the atmosphere is beautiful. We ordered the risotto and the salmon they had on special and both were scrumptious. The salmon was cooked skin on and topped with a delicious cream sauce, sprinkled with edible flowers and corn. Every bite was perfect!

Presentation on all the food was gorgeous and everything paired together perfectly. This is definitely a place to go to celebrate an occasion!
Julissa R.
Julissa R.
Absolutely phenomenal experience here! We stayed at the Mirabel Inn and had a reservation to try this Michelin star restaurant. The service was great! The waitress was so friendly, funny, and down to earth. Everything we ordered was delicious! Hope to come back again!
Mimi T.
Mimi T.
Such a cute gem in Solvang. After a long day of wine testing this is what you want, correction * what you NEED for dinner! There was not one thing we tasted that was not delicious!

Oysters- say less

Kimchi Cracklings – a play on chicharon. Good but wouldn't order again

Duck wings- crispy sweet & savory. Great starter

Baby Gem Wedge- baybeeeee! Love me a good salad. It was simple but was flavorful and clean. Goddess dressing and pistachios gave great textures

Confit potatoes- another great starter. Potatoes were crispy and the crème fraiche & manchego combo was *muah chefs kiss

Risotto- such great flavors and textures

WAGYU tenderloin- very delicious, cooked well. The smoked onion red wine reduction was fantastic

Wild Diver Scallops- A MUST ORDER. Goodness gracious this was mouth watering!! A little on the salty side but it definitely works!! The menu says linguine but it's def papardelle in cilantro yuzu emulsion. It was creamy yet light and not overwhelming. Two fat pieces of  scallops seared to perfection!!

Chocolate & Honey- chocolate mouse w/ vanilla crema w/ honey comb pieces. Literally brought tears to my eyes it was so yummy. Perfect choice to end our delightful meal

Service was impeccable. Our sweet waitress was so patient with our wine options! Covid compliant, outdoor seating had heat lamps and it was oh so cute and romantic. I cannot wait to come back!! In major love with first & oak!!
Amber K.
Amber K.
The food was good definitely heavy on the sauces for the brussels sprouts and salad. Our waitress ignored us- it took at least 15 minutes to get water when we sat down and waited for 45 minutes to get the check after being there for 2 hours. Maybe they just have European style service but other people seem to come and go.
Henrietta M.
Henrietta M.
Highly recommend this spot for anyone looking for a nice dinner in Solvang. The servers were great and we stayed upstairs at the Mirabelle Inn so it was extremely convenient. I loved the tenderloin, juicy and the crust was delicious. I could eat so much of the bread with the avocado butter! Definitely get! I will be back the next time I am in town.