5 Romantic Things to Do In Solvang

The tiny village of Solvang looks like it was pulled straight out of a Danish fairy tale – complete with cross-beamed houses, statue windmills, and rows and rows of potted flower beds – all set against the glorious landscape of the Santa Ynez Valley. Conveniently located two hours from Los Angeles and about four from San Francisco, it has become the perfect place to enjoy romantic weekend getaways. Its laid-back and relaxing atmosphere makes it a great holiday getaway.

Here are 5 Romantic Things to Do in Solvang

Take a Stroll Around Town.

Enjoy a peaceful, romantic walk admiring the beautiful outdoors on the lovely streets of Solvang. The cute, dainty Danish shops, half-timbered buildings, wood-shingle roofs, and windmills at the horizon will give you all the European feels. Experience the historic village along the 3-mile walk that explores the architecture, food, and wine. 

Solvang is full of little wonders. It is not very large, and perfect for walking with your special one. If you want, you can explore the lovely town by bike. Care to dial up the romance a bit more? Ride the historic horse-drawn Solvang Trolley, it is a perfect way to rekindle your romance. You will not stop taking pictures of Solvang’s colorful facades, admiring the pretty flower boxes filled with bright blooms, and gawking at the towering windmill. Every corner is Instagram-worthy and are a great spot for romantic photoshoots. 

Sample Danish Pastries

Take a long morning stroll with your loved one and try some traditional Danish pastries for breakfast. Taste the famous Aebleskiver (Danish pancakes with powdered sugar and raspberry jam) and Danish sausages. Grab some Danish pastries (such as kransekake, a traditional almond-based cake) at one of the famous shops- they’re the perfect way to start your romantic retreat. You’ll find them all here, from flaky Danish pastries to Risalamande. The treats are endless, and it’s hard not to visit every shop!

Enjoy a Wine Tour

This glorious area, surrounded by rolling hills, produces a remarkable array of earthy wines and regional produce. Amid romantic vistas of vineyards and fertile farmland lies some of the world’s finest wineries, along with some delightful family-owned boutique wineries awaiting your discovery. Whisk your partner off on a lovely adventure, enjoying each other’s company as you wander through the winery with a glass of wine in your hand. 

To make it even more special, plan a romantic picnic and arrange for the place to be decorated with flowers and candles. Enjoy the drinks, ambiance, and each other’s company – a recipe for the perfect date.        

Shop for Souvenirs

If you and your partner enjoy shopping for charming souvenirs, Solvang is just perfect. With over 150 high-end boutique stores in Solvang, you are bound to find something that catches your fancy. These European-style boutique sell miniature clogs, model windmills, mini cuckoo clocks, exquisite Danish china, vintage Christmas ornaments, and so much more. When you look for something together, you take back a token to remember your trip or something that you two can enjoy together at home. 

Splurge on A Romantic Dinner

Located at the quaint Mirabelle Inn, First & Oak is the best restaurant in Solvang and offers multi-course meals that are sure to accentuate any romantic evening. Guests are invited to create their own sample by selecting four to five dishes from various categories: garden, ocean, or farm. Serving local seasonal hand-sourced California fare, the menu has exquisite flavors and quality. 

You can start with homemade bread slashed in avocado butter and herb olive oil and sample oysters sourced from local ranches and fishmongers. The Solvang restaurant menu also includes sublime desserts such as a delicate Meyer Lemon Cheesecake garnished with vanilla bean, citrus date, and a lovely walnut crust. Be sure to sample the owner’s own wine label, Coquelicot, sourced from the organic Coquelicot Estate Vineyard. The charming decor further adds to the romantic aura. 

Solvang is filled with twists and turns, quiet stretches, and quaint surprises around every corner. Spend a romantic evening or a weekend in this charming town.

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