How to Cater for your Next Social Event

When organizing an event, the menu is a big part of it. You want guests to enjoy your food and reflect with happy memories of the event. People always talk about food, whether it’s good or bad.

Here is what you could do to ensure your guests will remember your event for the amazing food.

Who is on your guest list?

In any event, the focus is on the guests. You plan your event around your guests, especially food. The guest list includes a diverse range from a small gathering of friends to a large group of professional business people. Knowing what type of event and who is attending is the first step to successfully catering an event.

Consider these when planning the menu;

  1. How formal or informal will the event be?
  2. How often do your guests attend events like the one you are planning?
  3. Is there special considerations to specific ethnic menus?
  4. Are your guests coming from out of town, or are they based locally?

How much food does each person need?

The important thing to consider is the time of the event. If the event is during regular mealtimes, you would require a large and diverse quantity of food than an afternoon event where people would expect tea and refreshments.

For lunch events (12 PM – 2 PM), a two or three-course meal for a seated event. For a cocktail-style party, 6-8 pieces per person would be sufficient.

Consider one light course for the afternoon event (3 PM – 5 PM). If you want to treat your guests, consider a decadent dessert grazing table with fruit –  perfect for afternoon tea.

Three courses are necessary in the evening if it’s an elaborate dinner. There should be substantial offerings for late celebrations where guests are likely to party well into the morning. 

What if I have guests that have dietary requirements?

Caterers now have more dietary requirements and restrictions to consider when planning an event. To ensure the comfort and safety of your guests, consider the following;

  1. Food allergies like lactose intolerance, nut allergies, etc.
  2. Guests who need a kosher or halal diet.
  3. Vegetarian or vegan.

Make one of your meal selections vegetarian and gluten-free, nuts, and dairy-free; this will cover many of your guests’ requirements as these are common food allergies. 

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